How do our customers, employees and partners perceive us? And how do we want to position ourselves? What are our unique selling points? What added value do we offer? For which services are we too easily replaceable? Where do we have to improve? In what areas are we already excelling - and nobody knows? These are the positioning questions you need to ask!

Naming, Branding, Positioning, Shop, Photography and Social Media © Lumen

Naming, Branding, Positioning, Shop, Photography and Social Media © Lumen

Positioning is Key

Positioning helps to set up one's own positioning in communicative patterns and relationships. It is more than branding and marketing, it defines and explores the unique position - your value proposition. It is the breeding ground for which your partners and customers not only hire and pay you, but also why you become irreplaceable for them. It views your product and service portfolio (i.e., explicit "value propositions") in the same degree it views less visible yet noticeable factors such as know-how, skills and mindset, lived values and corporate culture. The positioning also provides the content for your employer branding. Employer Branding.

Mindset and positioning design © Lumen

Mindset and positioning design © Lumen

Positioning Needs Accompaniment

Observation needs an observer. Far too often, we succumb to the false notion that we have a complete picture of ourselves. There is a need here for fresh views from the outside, which enables an independent stocktaking and evaluation, helps to shape the further process and can "moderate" the interests involved.

A positioning process takes time if it is to be thoroughly prepared and implemented. Ultimately, we want to get everyone involved and communicate to them the positioning and their strategy both internally and externally.

Positioning Needs Experience

Not only do we have a set of tools, we also have several years of experience in strategy processes that can surely help you. Whether portfolio analysis, new branding, indoor or outdoor positioning, we are happy to be of great assistance to you. Contact us, we are willing to share with you our many references from industry, pharmaceuticals, social enterprises, investment and change projects.