New Work Konzept


Did you know that only 13 of the 30 DAX companies from 30 years ago are still in operation? More than half of them have either merged or downsized. And the speed of such occurrences is significantly increasing with the advancement of globalisation and digitalization. New media and big data are forcefully opening the doors into established organisations - while young employees are coming up with different expectations than they were 30 years ago.

THE CULTURAL revolution

Employees of today expect a different set of values from companies; freedom of design, purpose, collaboration and work-life balance. Start-ups and co-working spaces speak to this generation's needs in contrast with the slow mills of traditional organisations. The future is already here and we have learnt from it.

New Work Studie

Flexible Models are Growing

Last year, there were nearly 15,000 co-working spaces worldwide, whereas 5 years ago there were only about 3,000 of them. Where do all these users come from? From traditional companies, of course! Working people today are often willing to take risks and design their world - and unfortunately mostly outside grown structures. Entrepreneurship is booming and creative minds are making their way.

new work PAYS OFF

For years, studies have shown that only a fraction of the workforce is “engaged.” And the rest? Benevolent, neutral or inwardly resigned. But in the environment of New Work, it is the other way around - 84% are "engaged" there. If certain skills become scarce in the future, it needs a good environment to attract the best. Talk to us - our case studies show how startups act, what hurdles they overcome and how companies can update their culture.