Meet The Partners

Lumen is a collective of experienced partners who have garnered a wealth of experience as entrepreneurs and investors in various scenes ranging from Co-working Spaces to Social Business to Creativity and Design, HR and Strategy Consulting.

Marlin Watling Heimathafen

Marlin Watling – Strategy & HR

With over 15 years of experience in Strategy and Personnel Management, Marlin has worked with large corporations across the expanse of diverse fields ranging from IT and Software, Services, Financial Investment, Construction, Pharma to Supply Chain and Medtech.

He has to his credit an incredible estimate of 10,000 hours of consulting in the field of Change Management, Mindset, Transformation, Strategy, Skills, Staffing, Structure and New Work.

Dominik Hofmann Heimathafen


More than half a decade as a founder, community builder and entrepreneur, Dominik established the Coworking Space Heimathafen Wiesbaden, a hub for the innovation community in the Rhein-Main region. He is an ardent supporter of startups, corporations and communities, setting up conducive eco-systems for the advancement of innovation and entrepreneurship.

He also serves as a college lecturer, teaching on the subject “Strategies for Future Markets”.

Klaus Motoki Tonn Heimathafen

Klaus Motoki Tonn – FOUNDER

Serving as a senior lead at the Landeskirche Hannovers and sh|ft, Motoki is laden with the desire to be a pioneer on many fronts.
He has gone ahead to found Lumen Design and Lumen Partners alongside many other agencies, organisations and initiatives that remain fully in operation till date.

Although he may seem younger in appearance, he has gained more than 20 years of experience in strategic communication, innovation design and entrepreneurship. The first half of his professional life, he worked as a corporate lawyer for large corporations in the fields of M&A, IT and Investor Relations. He is currently writing his PhD project in the field of Digitalization Strategies and is in a publishing deal with Springer Gabler on a publication on Mindset.

Sven Lager


Author, founder and a creative mind, Sven has been developing innovative platforms and social enterprises with his wife for over 25 years, including the famous School of Love Berlin.

He has had over 13 years of international experience in Asia and Africa. His area of specialisation is coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs, intercultural community building and value management.

Esbjörn Gerking

Esbjörn Gerking – LEAN COACH

Lateral thinker, moderator and coach. Serving as an active member of a well-known German software provider and as a coach at Lumen Partners, Esbjörn has been providing support for individuals and groups across various sectors for over 12 years.
His key area is in the moderation of problem solutions and solutions for future challenges. As a lean coach, he facilitates the agile implementation and development of necessary thinking and working methods.
Creative leadership, non-violent communication, design thinking and structures that unleash potential; those are subjects dear to Esbjörn’s heart.

Daniel Nowack


Daniel Nowack is a data-driven innovator. For many years, he built corporate accelerator programs for Yunus Social Business and Growth Mechanics and has developed new products and services for international companies such as Siemens, McCain and IKEA. As part of the Heimathafen Wiesbaden, he connects startup and innovation culture with companies, institutions of higher learning, provinces and municipalities.

As CFO and Head of Business Development, he has supported four mobile and online startups in product development and financing. He began his career in Corporate Finance at Merck & Co. Inc. in New York and Amsterdam.

Christoph Sagemann

Christoph Sagemann – VENTURE & STRATEGY

As an investment manager in private equity for buyouts, M&A and venture capital investments, he tutors startups and corporations. He identifies the potentials of high-tech companies and seeks strategic investments. He is a sparring partner and an advisory board member for many startups and established firms.