Startup Beratung & Strategie für Gründungen


We help Startups with their brainstorming process, validate the first approaches and eventually finding a clear strategy. We are also present to chime in on financing and structuring issues, drawing on contacts and experience in the M&A and VC sector. From business development, personnel strategy to corporate law, we are able to provide information.


If need be, we get ourselves involved in starting initiatives, co-work, programs and formats or even companies. We take ideas into our own hands and affiliate with established firms and startups. In addition, we are also investors, and are on many advisory and supervisory boards.


Start-up is a Cultural Issue

Founders have to fight for their lives from day one. They develop their position, acquire customers' validation, learn quickly and have to inspire. That's where many established organisations can learn from. No wonder we like to move in founder-settings. We keep reminding ourselves that culture is the game changer. Without agility, no startup can go far. Here we build bridges in the big organisations of this world and help to develop the culture in the established circle. Talk to us, we are more than willing to share our experiences with you.