Lumen lives in 3D. We see, live and experience transformation in the flesh. We nurture communities, develop customer value and scale solutions in our showrooms. These are real innovation labs where work is made flexible, direct and interactive. A journey begins with the little drop of an idea in the mind and the respective discovery of possibilities. As Johannes Kleske aptly describes:

“Anyone who really wants to master digitalization must be able to deal with the instability of environmental factors. Today, tomorrow and 2050. The real challenge is to become flexible and adaptable.”

In our partner locations and interactive programs, we bring the transformation closer to you. Some topics can only be explored on the surface by lectures or seminars. Corporate culture and mindset are part of it. For this we have developed a showroom program, which brings you close to those from which you can expect inspiration for your working world.
Contact us and get a mindblowing impression of the power of mindset and new ways of working.



Heimathafen Wiesbaden

Heimathafen Wiesbaden

Heimathafen is a 450 sqm site where DAX and Startups meet, where practical use meets comfortability. Here, there are co-working spaces serving as headquarters to 15 startups, 50 creatives+freelancers, 100 annual events and numerous conferences and corporate events in an inspiring environment - and the connection to our creative network is just around the corner.

Hafven Coworking Cafe

Hafven Hannover

More than 2,000 sqm, Hafven merges coworking and creator space. This means office workplaces, meeting and workshop rooms, a fabrication laboratory, wood and metal workshops and a café are all merged into one big accomodation for creators and entrepreneurs. There are currently over 800 members using this open space simply to create, including self-employeds, employees, startups and corporations.



Intrapreneurship Programme

Do you need more entrepreneurs in enterprising? Would you like to stir up your organisation from the inside and give it new impulse? We have put together a 6-module program that teaches innovation methods and enables you to test your ideas like a startup. We bring you in touch with seasoned experts on agile business models and customer focus. We usher you in to Culture Change and the necessary strategies to effectively market your ideas. Contact us if you would like to know more.


You need more momentum and innovation in your organisation? We specialise in culture and help you realise a pilot for your department within 6 weeks. We use our years of experience in co-working spaces and consultancy in large corporations to set a new phase for your culture with you. Contact us if you would like to know more.


In one day, we take at least a team of up to 50 people on a learning journey on how to evolve into two companies that have mastered digitalization for themselves. We select the companies, organise and help with the transfer deliberations. We tailor the learning objectives to your organisation. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Lernreise Digitalisierung