What We Do

Lumen is a strategy and communication agency. We are more than just a mere consulting firm. We are a collective of experienced partners filled with the burning desire to spark a change in the business world. We take companies and enterprises on an adventurous journey while helping them achieve their goals.

We regard Startup ideas as a mustard seed that has the enormous potential of germinating and blooming into a fully grown tree saturated with fruits. We treat established organisations as a tree branch that needs to be pruned so as to flourish even more. While we transform bare ideas into flesh, we also sometimes overhaul traditional systems often employed in established firms making them an active player in today’s transient and complex world.

We work with both large corporations and small scale Startups who wish to stand out by exploring new and different directions or by changing their culture of operations. We achieve this by rendering services that are perfectly tailored and customised to the specific needs of each client.

Our team of innovation experts, communication strategists and human resources managers help you get on track. We develop with you strategies for mindset development, change management and social impact - everything you need to gain new perspectives, discover future-oriented business models and create holistic structures.

What We Believe

We believe there is no success without communication. Whether internal or external, communication does not have to be cliche and this is why we at Lumen, believe in the crafting of strategic and creative communication aimed at both target audiences and employees.

We also believe in the transformation of mindsets and since corporate culture is not an explicitly defined phenomenon, we believe that every organisation is responsible for shaping its own mindset, which in turn, is a reflection of the corporate culture. This is why we are founded on the ideals of Transformation, Mindset, Corporate Culture, HR and New Work, Co-working, Strategic Communication amongst others.

What We Know

We know that traditional business models can barely survive in these modern times. Even though change is sometimes unpleasant, it is nonetheless inevitable. It is a fact that markets are saturated now more than ever, so we know that businesses need to gain new and fresh perspectives on how to make a headway. This is what we are here for. We know that effecting change is most attainable by exploring our six themes: